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Side Stand Model
Suitable Vintages Bikes/Bikes

    • Royal Enfield
    • Harley Davidson
    • Avenger 220 oil cooled
    • Fazer
    • Hyosung
    • Kawaski Ninja
    • KTM DUKE
    • Honda CB
    • Ducati
    • Aprilla
    • Suzuki
    • Apache
    • Triumph
    • BMW
    • Hero Honda
    • H H Super splendor

    • ** Triumph Tiger
      (** Cost may different, contact before purchase )

Side Stand Model (SSM)


Sri Sai Easy Park N Easy Move ™ (SSM) Product can use for easy parking by side stand.

Sri Sai Easy Park N Easy Move ™ SSM Product can use for Side Stand below and center of the Bike/Motor Cycle/Scooter tyre.

Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter Side stand will fold down on center of the Side stand platform/Kick stand platform.

Make sure lock the wheels while loading and unloading your vehicle.

Make sure to put on gear while park on product(SSM).

  • Item : Bike Accessories/Bike Spares/Bike Parts/Bike Utilities
  • Condition : Brand new
  • Capacity : 140Kgs upto 270kgs / above 300kgs (Contact our Expert)
  • Color :

Package includes: >>> SSM Dolly / Glide
  • Base plate
  • Heavy Duty Caster Swivel with Brake Wheels 3 No.s (As per your usage/optional)
  • Heavy Duty Caster Swivel without Brake Wheels 2 No.s (As per your usage/optional)
  • Bolt & dump nut package

If you feel your valuable floor is too smooth, or if you have lovable very active kids, choose more than "4 (Swivel with Brake) + 1 Swivel" wheels.

Please read the Guide lines below before chossing the product!

Side Stand Model (SSM)

For Bike/Scooter/Motorcycle Weight - 140Kgs upto 270kgs
above 300kgs (Contact our Expert)

Brake Wheel(s)

MRP : ₹ 8099

Price : ₹ 6500

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>>>> Kindly read the terms & conditions of warranty below!

Product Brief Description

Sri Sai Easy Park n Easy move ™ bike accessories is the first Indian orginal Quality Product for bike parking systems. Bike Riders / Showrooms and Service persons can easily move their bikes around the bike space like House/Showroom/Garage. Expert desgin to let you Easy Park and Move bikes of any model and any weight easily. Our target is Easy Park N Easy Move with minimum efforts, safety and deliver the Excellent Quality product. We are using 360° heavy duty caster wheels for easily roll anywhere the location and bare the heavy loads. Move safely your bikes and best possiblities in small spaces.

Design Highlights
  • The Sri Sai design suits for all Bikes/Motorcycles/Scooters which having Side stand
  • The Sri Sai design is low to the ground so that minimum effort is needed to park on the Sri Sai Easy Park N Easy Move ™.

Quality Aspects

The Sri Sai products having best quality for our valuable customers because

"Quality is not an act, It is a Habit"

Locking Systems

The Sri Sai product swivel brake lock systems, arrest the movement as well as roatation on the floor.

Heavy duty caster wheels have 360° roatation.

Safety Systems

The Sri Sai products are well balanced dolly. So it will not move after parking the bike on dolly.

Our thicker metal with checker plate for grip, Hence after parking the bike won't be moving, so no need to worry about it.

Sri Sai Product Features:
  • The Sri Sai product is very compact design.
  • The Sri Sai product considering your valuable floor space in your House/Showroom/Garage is used in the most efficient manner.
  • The Sri Sai mechanism for easy loading and unloading your Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter.
  • Heavy duty caster wheels anchor your Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter once you parked, so no need to worry about it rooling out of place.
  • The Sri Sai product has four 360° heavy duty caster wheels allowing your Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter to be placed anywhere, even in uncomfortable spaces.
  • The Sri Sai product designed by well expert for single hand handing anywhere in House/Showroom/Garage, so no more wrestling your bike back and forth to position in the location you need.
  • The Sri Sai expert design is low to ground so minimal efforts is required to park the Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter

5 Years warranty for all components in Sri Sai Easy Park N Easy Move ™ Purchase products. But no Guarantee for Painting!

Terms and conditions of 5 years Warranty,
5 years Warranty can be provided under below conditions
*** Products should be used on Tiles/Marbles/Granite type floors
*** Shouldn't use in hard surface type floors
*** Oiling should be done to wheels every 3 months
*** Purchased bill is must to claim warranty
*** Colors may vary compared with image quality and direct visiblity! No Warranty for Color!

The product very useful easily park while coming from the office and easily move while going to office at my location , floors no scratch, energy no waste, time save while going office... useful to all...I satisfied till now...

I have my own showrooms and very easy to move all kind of bikes one location to another location and Look wise good for display piece, New trend look compare to other my competitors showrooms

I am Bike showroom owner I purchased for testing purpose then got realize past 6 months it is good quality, new to India , all the best to srisai group and Pls give details for franchisee my district/state. I am ready to take if anybody not yet taken. Thanks

Lock wheels is best idea and if purchase full break wheels it's good stop fully

I purchased this product last month, it's very useful. Affordable price 5 years guarantee products giving. It's really good and people want to aware about this benefits. My customers satisfied using this product.

We purchased the products 2 days back in online and when will reach to my location Bihar

Product quality is good but before going park lock it and after put on bike lock it, I shock the wheels are too strong, after put bike I was seat on bike, even though it's balancing so more weight can balancing... super body's my congested place can move nicely

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Guide lines to choose products from Sri Sai Easy Park n Easy Move ™

Before purchase please read this carefully

  • As per below note which ever Bikes/Motorcycles/Scooters are suitable will applicable to Side Stand Model(SSM) (Note : From Center of tyre to Side stand distance should Min - 23" to Max - 35")
  • If you think your bike is heavy, choose Side Stand Model(SSM)
  • If have enough spaces for park your bike, choose Side Stand Model(SSM)
  • If your bike/Motorcycle/Scooter mesaurement From Center of tyre to Side stand distance should Min - 23" to Max - 35", choose Side Stand Model (SSM)
  • If you feel your valuable floor too smoothy, choose more than "4 (Swivel with Brake) + 1 Swivel" wheels
  • If you have loveable very active kids, choose more than "4 (Swivel with Brake) + 1 Swivel" wheels
  • If you don't have much space to park bike, choose Center Stand Model(CSM)
  • If you think your bike don't have heavy weight, choose Center Stand Model(CSM)
  • If your bike is more than 300 kgs weight then contact us before placing the order